Tree Whisperer is a Forest Management company founded by Hanno Herselman.

The vision of the forest management company is to enhance ecosystem services while providing a trustworthy and reliable business solution to all our clients. The mission of the company is to preserve indigenous ecosystems and create awareness of the importance of rehabilitation after disturbance in natural areas. The company values can be listed as; sustainability, Innovation, Passion, Reliability, and trust.

The objective of Tree Whisperer is to be an environmentally sustainable company that fulfills its social obligations and sustains economic viability. The tree services provided by the company can be listed as; Arborist services, tree surgeon, Landscape Management, Forest gardens and Reforestation. Environmental services include; Assistance with oscae and other permits, Alien invasive species management plans, Forestry license applications along with some other services.

Hanno is a Saasveld Forestry Graduate with a passion for indigenous ecosystems. His longstanding relationship with natural ecosystems allows him to form a deep understanding of living organisms and their role in the environment. He has a reverence for trees and their role in sustaining life for all creatures, mankind included. Hanno is a First aid trained, natural scientist, environmental control officer, chainsaw operator, environmental educator, Herbicide applicator and team manager.

Tree Whisperer brings a multi-faceted service to its clientele because of its RCR approach (Rehabilitate, Cultivate, and Restore). Services are offered to private, public, or governmental entities.

At Tree Whisperer we aim to minimize the amount of invasive species pressure with holistic harvesting methods. These harvesting methods can provide an income or resource for land owners.

Tree Whisperer provides a wide variety of services. It is an umbrella company or one-stop shop when it comes to land management practices. Along with the company services, other services are available via the established networks of the owner – utilizing specialists in entomology, conservation, water management, and organic gardening. 

Another advantage is the niche arborist services provided, such as sensitive tree removal/relocation and tree climbing.

We provide our forest management services in:

Mossel Bay, Grootbrak, Kleinbrak, George, Wilderness, Sedgefield, Knysna, Plettenberg Bay, Nature’s Valley and Tsitsikamma.

With the possibility to do larger projects in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and the rest of South Africa.