Tree Whisperer offers a variety of environmental services on the Garden Route:

Assistance with Oscae and other permits

Tree Whisperer assist with permits, Landscape Management, Land rehabilitation, Forests & other Environmental services

(in accordance with ECA and section 24 of NEMA)

  • Plant Identification and mapping
  • On Site environmentalist during development phase
  • Outsourcing Oscae report writing to a registered (EAP) Environmental Assessment Practitioner

Alien Invasive Species Management Plan

Tree rich ecosystem on the Garden Route. Tree whisperer is a forest & environmental management company

in accordance with the National Environmental management: Biodiversity act (10/2004) Alien and invasive species regulations, 2014

  • Site visit and consulting
  • Setup of Management plan, Species list and mapping
  • Managing required activities and environmental aspects
  • Follow up assessments and adjustments to existing plan

Forestry License Applications

Indigenous tree in a Garden Route forest. Tree Whisperer assist with forest, landscape and environmental management

In accordance with Section 7(1) and section 15(1) of the National Forest Act of 1998

  • Applying for licence regarding the disturbance of protected trees
  • Applying for license regarding disruption of trees in a natural forest
  • Managing required activities

Other Environmental services

Tree Whisperer, arborist, environmental officer & tree surgeon Hanno Herselman does reforestation, environmental education and forest management on the Garden Route
  • Environmental control officer
  • On site natural scientist
  • Site rehabilitation
  • Fire risk and management
  • Pruning and relocating protected trees

Tree Whispering Services

Tree Whisperer provides services to public, governmental and corporate entities. Natural resource management and environmental management goes hand in hand. That is why Tree Whisperer also offers a wide variety of arborist and other tree services.

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