Management practices include:

Forest Gardens and Reforestation

Tree Whisper offers design, setup, maintenance, resource gathering, cultivation, and rehabilitation of forest gardens
  • Design, setup, and maintenance
  • Consulting and resource gathering
  • Cultivate, rehabilitate and restore indigenous landscapes

Tree Surgeon

Tree Whisperer using rope access for forest management
  • Rehabilitate damaged trees
  • Disease, virus and pest control
  • Environmental education

Arborist services

Tree Whisperer helps with trees, wood, biomass, pruning, and other arborist services
  • Sustainable Tree pruning and felling
  • Invasive clearing and management
  • Biomass chipping and removals

Landscape Management

We are all about Forest Management, reforestation & landscape services that support the forests of the Garden Route
  • Plot clearing and species labeling
  • Erosion control and dune stabilization
  • Firebreak construction and maintenance
Reforestation, planting trees, and environmental education are services by Tree Whisperer

Environmental Management for sustainable developments

Tree Whisperer provides services to public, governmental and corporate entities. Natural resource management and environmental management goes hand in hand. That is why Tree Whisperer also offers a wide variety of assistance in the Environmental field.

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